Neck (Cervical) Pain Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

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Epidural Steroid Injection as a Neck Pain Treatment

Inflammation and irritation of nerves in the neck, also known as the cervical spine, can cause severe pain and other symptoms. The use of cervical epidural steroid injection as a neck pain treatment may provide adequate pain relief while avoiding the need for surgery to fix the problem.

Neck Pain Treatments – Epidural Steroid Injection

Several conditions can cause you to suffer neck pain and the possible loss of strength or sensation in the hands and arms. Fortunately, there are conservative treatments that can alleviate pain and discomfort without the use of surgery, and cervical epidural steroid injections as a neck pain treatment are among the most commonly used. When expertly administered they are safe and effective in reducing inflammation that is causing neck pain.

Is Epidural Steroid Injection the Right Neck Pain Treatment for You?

Many of us know what the term “epidural” refers to in the medical world. It is a form of anesthetic or pain relief that is administered through the spine and which can produce lengthy periods of relief from a wide array of issues – most notably from pain. However, the word epidural actually refers to the “epidural space” within the spine, and this is also where many nerves or nerve roots are found. The use of cervical epidural steroid injections as a neck pain treatment endeavor to coat the nerves of this region as they exit the spine, thus resulting in reduced inflammation and relief from pain.

For example, people are given cervical epidural steroid injection as a neck pain treatment when they have herniated discs or degenerated discs pressing against nerves in the spine. Those with arthritis may also experience pain due to the pressures created by limited space for the nerves as well.

In all instances, the injected steroid medication is used as an anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce any swelling or irritation in the nerves that has been leading to pain or further issues such as loss of sensation, tingling, or weakness in the hands and arms. The use of the cervical epidural steroid injection as a neck pain treatment is typically quite reliable. It is most commonly used as a form of pain relief meant to enable the patient to continue progressing through physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, and is a form of acute pain management rather than an ongoing remedy.
Cervical epidural steroid injections are performed in a way that limits discomfort and most patients receive a series of three injections, though this varies based on individual symptoms and the condition causing them. As one of the most commonly used non-invasive and conservative treatments for a variety of cervical spine issues, the injections are known to provide comfort for more than half of those who use them, and they can be safely repeated if pain returns or if therapy needs to progress a bit farther for the best outcome.

At a Glance: Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection as a Neck Pain Treatment

  • A nearly painless injection used to reduce inflammation in the nerves and eliminate pain
  • Relatively safe and effective, cervical steroid injection can help patients progress through the benefits of physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation meant to overcome the causal cervical spine issue
  • Done with x-ray guidance,  cervical epidural steroid injection is precise and effective for many cervical spine issues

Health Tips For Cervical Epidural

  • Fasting for eight hours before the procedure is advised
  • A friend or loved-one should always accompany the patient to and from the appointments
  • Discuss any medications you are using with your doctor beforehand to be sure it is safe to have this treatment
  • It will take about three days before the full effects of cervical steroid injections can be felt, but most people enjoy alleviation of pain almost immediately

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