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Chiropractic Care as a Neck Pain Treatment

Not all neck pain requires surgical intervention. In fact, an important first place to start after diagnosis of a cervical spine condition is with conservative treatment options, including chiropractic care.

Neck Pain Treatments – Understanding Chiropractic Care

The use of gentle chiropractic care as a neck pain treatment option is ideal for those who are worried about pain that may come from rapid or jerking neck movements, or who have limited range of motion due to the long term effects of issues concerning the cervical spine. Chiropractic remedies can offer a wonderful and holistic solution to pain or discomfort caused by many issues related to the neck.

Is Chiropractic Care the Right Neck Pain Treatment for You?

There are some people who suffer from chronic neck pain due to conditions including arthritis or spinal stenosis. There are some who have cervical spine conditions that may require more extensive treatment in the future, but who are attempting to delay it with more conservative approaches first. And in both cases, chiropractic care as a neck pain treatment may be the perfect answer.

While not all patients may be able to overcome their issues through the use of chiropractic treatments, it is impossible to overlook the positive outcomes many have achieved from the use of these treatments.

Of course, one of the key steps in achieving adequate pain relief from a chiropractor is to be sure your neck pain symptoms have been properly and fully diagnosed. If your concerns have not yet been evaluated, it is important that you begin the process by seeking care from a trained spine expert. Once that step has been accomplished and a diagnosis has been made, the chiropractor will review your symptoms and your medical history. They will want to know all about the neck pain and any associated symptoms in order to develop a proper treatment plan.

Often, experienced chiropractors will begin with conservative movements and gentle procedures to ensure the most comfort and best outcomes for patients. Some of the most common methods used for chiropractic care as a neck pain treatment include:

Cervical manual traction – With a patient lying on their back or stomach, the chiropractor stretches the spine by gently pulling on the neck, seeking to eliminate tightness with forward or backward movements.

Cervical mobilization – With the patient on their back, the chiropractor uses their hands to support the neck and head, moving the patient’s head in a figure-8 movement that includes side-to-side motions and rotations. The goal is to reduce any restricted mobility in the neck.

Cervical drops – Positioned on the stomach or side, the patient is positioned on a special table and set into position. The chiropractor then supports the area of the spine experiencing problems and moves the table quickly downward to create a bit of pressure and to loosen neck tension.
While there are many other chiropractic treatment options a practitioner may use, those three simple may provide adequate pain relief while loosening neck muscle tension. If you have neck pain of any kind, visit your doctor to discuss chiropractic care as a potential first treatment option to begin improving your total spinal health as soon as possible.

At a Glance: Chiropractic Care as a Neck Pain Treatment

  • Once your neck pain has been diagnosed properly, you may want to consider visiting a chiropractor to find out how they can safely and effectively manage the condition.
  • You do not have to expect aggressive or strong movements of your neck during chiropractic treatments, many chiropractors use only gentle techniques to resolve neck pain.
  • Be sure to discuss your entire medical history with your chiropractor to determine the right treatment plan for you.

Health Tips for Chiropractic

  • Ask your chiropractor for advice about at-home exercises to help obtain optimal benefit from your chiropractic treatment plan.
  • Practice good posture to reduce the threat of cervical spine pain.
  • Always use gentle movement and exercise neck muscles regularly.
  • Remain hydrated at all times as the discs between neck vertebrae are mostly wader and need adequate lubrication to work properly.

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