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Numbness Down the Arm as a Symptom of Neck Pain

The condition commonly described as a “pinched nerve” is often the cause of numbness down the arm as a symptom of neck pain. The result of pressure on a nerve, numbness down the arm can occur from the shoulder to fingertips.

Neck Pain Symptoms – Numbness Down Arm

There are only a few reasons that numbness down the arm as a symptom of neck pain occurs. Generally, it is caused by a herniated disc in the uppermost vertebrae of the neck (which are also described as the cervical spine). It can also be caused by a degenerative issue causing pressure on the nerves, and it is vitally important to have a spinal health professional diagnose the root cause of the symptoms.

Understanding Numbness Down the Arm as a Symptom of Neck Pain

It can be frightening to experience neck pain that is accompanied by numbness down an arm. Generally, it is the result of what many spine health experts call a “pinched nerve,” but which is more likely a compressed or inflamed nerve instead. There are a few reasons that this occurs, and most often it will be related directly to the vertebrae and nerves of the neck. Luckily, spinal experts have a long list of treatments and remedies available – but proper diagnosis is the first and most important step.

Your spine is composed of multiple sections, including the uppermost vertebrae. They are described as the cervical spine and assigned the names C1 through C8. Interestingly enough, any numbness down the arm as a symptom of neck pain may relate directly to the nerve that runs out between these vertebrae. For instance, C6 radiculopathy is frequently considered a cause for pain in the neck and weakness the down the arm. However, it is also important to understand just why that nerve is irritated.

For instance, a cervical herniated disk may be what has led to numbness down the arm as a symptom of your neck pain. This can happen for many reasons and it will cause the inner material of a disc to leak out. This creates cramped conditions in the spinal column, which may pinch or inflame a nerve. This can then cause pain in your neck as well as numbness in the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand.

Most of the time, it is not possible to just “power through” this type of pain. No matter what has caused it, the swelling must resolve if full use of the limb without numbness is to be restored. Numbness down the arm as a symptom of neck pain is usually treated with conservative remedies that can range from physical therapy and over the counter medications to a visit with a chiropractor and light exercise. The key is to work with a medical professional for a proper diagnosis, and then to follow through with the course of treatment recommended. The swelling will usually resolve and the numbness will disappear in time and appropriate treatment.

At a Glance: Numbness Down the Arm as a Symptom of Neck Pain

  • Neck pain alone should never cause numbness in the limbs
  • When numbness in the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand is present along with neck pain it is usually related to a problem with the cervical nerves
  • Compression or swelling of a nerve in the neck can cause weakness or numbness in the arm and hand
  • Conservative treatments can eliminate swelling and restore function to the arm and hand

Health Tips For Numbness Down the Arm

  • Do not ignore neck pain accompanied by tingling or numbness down the arm
  • Do not try to “power through” numbness that began with any pain or injury in the neck
  • Use light exercise to help keep cervical joints and muscles limber
  • A cervical pillow is an excellent way to reduce or prevent irritation to cervical nerves
  • Practicing good posture can help with neck related concerns

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