Neck (Cervical) Pain Numbness in finger tips

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Numbness in Finger Tips as a Symptom of Neck Pain

Any experience of numbness in the finger tips as a symptom of neck pain must not be ignored. Often it is a sign of a problem with the neck or cervical spine, and can include a herniated disc or a degenerative issue.

Neck Pain Symptoms – Numbness in Finger Tips

Any numbness in the hands or fingers can be frightening and problematic, and you must be sure that your condition is diagnosed properly. This is particularly true if you have numbness in the finger tips as a symptom of neck pain. This usually means that nerve compression or irritation is occurring, and should be diagnosed and treated by a spinal health expert.

Understanding Numbness in Fingertips as a Symptom of Neck Pain

If you are experiencing any numbness in the finger tips as a symptom of neck pain it is of the utmost importance that you clearly explain this to your doctor or spine health care provider. Any loss of sensation in the hands or fingers may be commonly misdiagnosed as a range of unrelated issues that can include carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and more.  The treatment that might result from a misdiagnosis will be ineffective and fail to restore function, strength, and sensation.

The reason that numbness in the finger tips as a symptom of neck pain must be identified as such is that the only relief of the condition can come from diagnosing the neurological issue in the neck that has led to the numbness.  The neck contains the seven uppermost vertebrae of the spine, and each has nerves that exit between the vertebrae at the individual levels. Any compression or irritation to these nerves can often lead to pain as well as numbness or a feeling of tingling or “pins and needles” in the hands and fingers.

There are several conditions that might cause numbness in the finger tips as a symptom of neck pain. Without this accompanying symptom it could be a case of another medical concern, but pain in the cervical spine along with the numbness in the finger tips is most often a clear sign that conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis or a degenerative disc disease are  to blame and causing the resulting issues.

Though cervical spine conditions can have different causes, they share one thing in common: they often lead to pressure on the nerve that exits from that area of the spine, and can cause a loss of sensation in the arm, shoulder, muscles, wrist, hand and finger tips. An experienced spinal health care expert will be able to discuss your symptoms with you and to determine if it is, indeed, a case of a cervical spine issue rather than another problem.

When diagnosed properly, any numbness in the fingertips may then be treated with conservative to surgical remedies that are meant to alleviate irritation, inflammation, and compression, freeing the nerve involved and bringing the numbness to an end.
Do not ignore neck pain, especially when it is accompanied by numbness in the finger tips. If you do experience these symptoms, be sure to reach out to a spine health expert right away.

At a Glance – Numbness in the Finger Tips as a Symptom of Neck Pain

  • Neck pain and “pins and needles” in the finger tips or even just a single finger can be a sign of cervical nerve compression
  • Misdiagnosis of numbness in the finger tips is common, and it is important to explain that there is also accompanying pain in the neck
  • Several different medical conditions can lead to numbness in the finger tips as a symptom of neck pain
  • Do not ignore signs of weakness or numbness in the fingers as this is not normal and requires medical attention

Health Tips For Numbness in the Finger

  • Using a special cervical pillow can often reduce neck pain and some symptoms associated with it
  • Sleep on the back to provide support for the neck
  • NSAIDs can help alleviate headaches that can accompany neck pain
  • Gentle exercise of the neck can lessen some of the discomfort, but should not be a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment

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