Neck (Cervical) Pain Tingling in Fingers

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Tingling in Fingers as a Symptom of Neck Pain

Though we might call it “pins and needles” or say that our fingers have “fallen asleep,” tingling in the fingers as a symptom of neck pain usually means there is a problem with one or more of the nerves in the neck. It is important to recognize these symptoms as potentially serious.

Neck Pain Symptoms – Tingling in Fingers

Your neck contains seven vertebrae at the top of the spine, known as the cervical spine. Within this area are many nerves and if they are impeded, irritated or inflamed they can cause tingling in the fingers that is accompanied by neck pain.  Easily mistaken for other nerve conditions, it is important to recognize when some problems with the neck are causing issues with the fingers or hands, and getting proper treatment.

Recognizing Tingling in Fingers as a Symptom of Neck Pain

Pain, weakness or tingling in the arm, hand, or fingers may be easily mistaken as a problem with the arm itself, but if it is accompanied by pain in the neck, then the problem might actually be one within the cervical spine. It is important to understand that there are many nerves in the neck and that any disruptions or problems with them can lead to issues like weakness, numbness or tingling in the fingers, hands and arms.

Tingling in the fingers as a symptom of neck pain is not something to panic about, but it is most certainly not something to ignore. The causes can vary widely and are most often related to changes in the area of the spine where the nerves travel outward to the arms, shoulders, hands, and fingers. Health concerns such as arthritis or problems with the ligaments might be to blame, but injuries such as herniated discs can be the root cause of these symptoms as well.

Few of these problems resolve on their own and most need special consideration and care. While tingling in the fingers as a symptom of neck pain may diminish with conservative treatments such as chiropractic manipulation, oral medications, and special exercises, it requires proper diagnosis from a medical expert to first address the issue. It helps to understand that you have several vertebrae in the neck, or cervical spine. They each have structures that exist to accommodate the passage of nerves outward to the arms and hands. There are many reasons that the structures might shrink and put pressure on the nerves.

Good spinal health is one way to reduce neck pain risks, and that can mean practicing good posture, sleeping flat on your back, carrying weight in a balanced manner, avoiding stress on the neck, and even remaining well hydrated to ensure that the discs in the neck are hydrated too. However, there can be times when the issues that lead to neck pain and nerve problems are unavoidable. Knowing the most common signs that your neck pain is also the source of other health concerns is a good way to address the true issues quickly and effectively. If you experience tingling in fingers as a symptom of neck pain, it means that it is unlikely to be a problem with the arm or the wrists and more likely to be something associated with the nerves in the neck. Seeing a spine expert as soon as possible can help address the issue so that you can get back on the road to pain-free living.

Tingling in the Fingers as a Symptom of Neck Pain

  • Numbness or tingling in the fingers that occurs simultaneously with neck pain is a sign of problems with the nerves within the cervical spine
  • Many conditions can cause problems in the cervical spine, and they can irritate or impede nerves to the hands and fingers
  • Conservative treatments often alleviate the issue and reduce discomfort, tingling and numbness

Health Tips For Tingling in the Fingers

  • If you have neck pain and tingling, begin using a cervical pillow to alleviate pressure  on your neck
  • Tingling in the fingers as a symptom of  neck pain should not be ignored, and you must get it diagnosed properly
  • Good posture is an important part of spinal health but can also reduce neck pain
  • Don’t mistake pain in the shoulders, arms or hands with arm problems – they may be neck-related

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