Yes, BASIC Spine offers its patients no cost MRI Reviews. Patients interested in our complementary MRI Review should contact the office to arrange for the delivery of the MRI disc. Once the provider reviews the MRI, and they assess the initial findings the patient must come in for an appointment with the physician to review their candidacy.

One of our Patient Care Coordinators will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have about the process. Following the initial call, you’ll need to provide us a copy of your most recent MRI or CT scan. This will help our providers to preliminarily determine if you’re a potential candidate for one of our procedures. Your Patient Care Coordinator will then call you to review the next steps. The final recommendations will occur during your consultation with one of our BASIC Surgeons.

The Brain and Spine Institute of California uses both embryonic and mesenchymal stem cells. That means that the stem cells are derived from amniotic fluid, the placenta, and umbilical cord after the birth of the healthy baby.

Currently there is not enough medical evidence to support whether or not stem cells can regenerate cartilage. Biomedical engineers are currently running animal testing studies that may one day be used to repair injured knees, noses and other body parts.

The Brain and Spine Institute of California uses stem cell injections for pain control due to the anti-inflammatory component of stem cells.

At the Brain and Spine Institute of California, our minimally invasive spine procedures treat neck and back conditions with  smaller incisions, reduced infection rates and for quicker recovery.

The Brain and Spine Institute of California works with many insurance companies. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective way for back or neck pain sufferers to find relief. Since each individual insurance policy provides different coverage, we encourage you to call our office. This will allow us to review your insurance policy in order to help you have all of the information you need to make a care decision.

The Brain and Spine Institute Insurance Services staff is dedicated to helping you receive the highest level of insurance reimbursement. Our team will help by verifying any co-insurance, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, policy limitations and pre-certifications required by your insurance provider. Some of our procedures may require precertification or authorization and we’ll attempt to help determine your benefits prior to surgery.

The Brain and Spine Institute of California is contracted to provide care for patients with Medicare. Please call the office to discuss your specific Medicare policy.

The Brain and Spine Institute of California does not accept Med-cal Insurance.

Yes, the Brain and Spine Institute surgeons and staff have decades of experience working with Worker’s Comp patients.  Please those we are contracted with or listed on the MPN (Medical Provider Network).

Yes, BASIC Spine patients can request which surgeon they would like to perform their surgery at the Brain and Spine Institute of California. Each patient is different due to anatomy or their medical history. Consequently, each patient record is reviewed by each surgeon and delegated to each surgeon’s specialty.

Almost all of the surgeries performed by the Brain and Spine Institute of California are performed utilizing a combination of local anesthesia  and IV sedation (pain medication, sedatives). BASIC’s board-certified anesthesiologists work together with our surgeons to ensure comfort throughout surgery.

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