Lumbar (Low Back) Pain Slipped Disc

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Slipped Discs and Lumbar Pain

The lumbar spine is built for flexibility and power. It also supports the body’s weight which can take a toll on the intervertebral discs, causing low back pain from herniated or bulging discs, which are also commonly referred to as slipped discs.

Lumbar Pain Symptoms – Slipped Disc

Many lumbar pain injuries start with a slipped disc. A slipped, bulging or herniated lumbar disc can be extremely painful and slowly take the active lifestyle from a person over time. There are many different terms and types of slipped discs, some of which can be painful and chronic conditions needing treatment to correct the problem which will not heal on its own.

Is a Slipped Disc a Symptom of Lumbar Pain?

Sometimes slipped discs, herniated discs and bulging discs are terms that are used interchangeably. Although different in nature, they can feel similar and are commonly confused between another. These conditions can result in bulging disc and end up pushing on the sciatic nerve which causes radiating pain into the buttocks and down the leg. The difference between bulging disc and herniated disc is where a herniated disc’s jelly like center has ruptured and has left the confinement of the disc, a bulging disc has not ruptured but it is pressing outside of its usual space and pressing on surrounding nerves.

When gone untreated, slipped discs can cause lumbar pain as well as other severe medical issues and should be treated by an experienced and qualified spine health expert. Many are curious and ask “do slipped discs heal?” The way to heal this condition is by seeing a medical doctor or chiropractor depending on the severity of the issue and its accompanying lumbar pain. If you feel you are suffering from a slipped disc and are in need of expert help, please contact us today.

We will help you relive the pain associated with your lumbar pain from a slipped disc. There are many different types of spine injuries and a variety of treatment options to remedy them.  Call us at (866) 398-0868 today to get the answers you need regarding your slipped disc and lumbar pain.

At a Glance: Slipped Discs and Lumbar Pain

  • During acute episodes of lumbar pain due to a slipped disc, rest the area a bit with feet elevated
  • Taking an NSAID medication like ibuprofen may help to decrease inflammation but clear it with your doctor to make sure
  • Decrease activities that requiring bending or twisting until lumbar pain subsides and the slipped disc has been properly evaluated
  • Upon the advice of a spine health expert, consider physical therapy or chiropractic care for lumbar pain caused by a slipped disc.

Health Tips For Low Back

  • Use proper lifting techniques at all times to protect your spine
  • Exercise good posture when standing and while seated
  • Exercise to strengthen the muscles in the lumbar spine and the core
  • Avoid smoking as the chemicals in cigarettes can cause to unnecessary disc degeneration

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