Lumbar (Low Back) Pain Patient Testimonials


Paul B.

Southern Pacific

I was a locomotive engineer for Southern Pacific Transportation company. I suffered a serious back injury in 1998. I was told by doctors and surgeons that I had a 50/50 chance of walking, if I opted for the surgery then. The injury was located at L5 – S1, the lower back. Not liking the odds, I refrained from having the surgery, hoping for a better procedure that would allow me to walk. I endured pain and numbness from 1998 to 2011. I was taking so many drugs, I was practically in a stupor.
I heard about Dr. Ty from a great NP in Chino, CA. I made an appointment to interview him. I took one of my sisters with me, so as to get all matters pertaining to my condition after the surgery covered. We asked every question that came to mind: What is the procedure? What does the surgery entail? How long woould I be laid up? Would I be able to walk & experience less pain than I was handling, prior to the surgery? Dr. Ty is one of the best medical doctors I have had the fortune of meeting! He explained the procedure: A. L. I. F. (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion). He went through the process, step by step. He asked me whether I understood his explanation.
He used simple terms, that provided all the information at a level that was comprehensible, yet, all- inclusive. His most important statement was this: “If you follow my instructions and do exactly what I inform you to do, I guarantee you’ll be walking in 6 months.”
No other Dr. made that bold of a statement. I was not convinced, just because he said it! I asked him how could he make such a statement, when others told me I had a 50/50 chance of walking. He was so confident with his procedure. He dissected the procedure point by point. He reiterated: do as I instruct you and you will be walking. I got into more conversations with him, as did my sister. We talked for quite a long time. He told us that he would stay with us as long as it was necessary, to insure we understood all there was to know about the surgery.
We conversed further about some of his recent work, involving a new procedure. He reminded me of another person (me) who loves what he does. He got so energized during the discussion, that I became very comfortable talking WITH him. I know what it feels like to do something you love. It’s not a job. It’s a part of ones life. Within a week I had made the decision to have the surgery.
I am happy to relay this: I followed Dr. Ty’s instructions precisely how he laid them out. I am walking, able to stand, sit, garden with virtually no pain. I enjoy chopping wood to keep in shape and to keep from knocking the mess out of some people who desperately deserve it! By the end of August, I am hopeful that I will be able to perform this task without restrictions! For me, the procedure, A. L. I. F., gave me just that: A LIFE! I endorse this man with my life, because he gave me one!

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