Thoracic Pain Patient Testimonials

Every patient has a special story how they came to find the Brain And Spine Institute of California and
every successful remedy has a unique treatment and recover pathway.
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Michael S.

Norman Oklahoma

I just wanted to share with you that I’m having a remarkable recovery from the surgery. I have been off pain medication since this last Saturday and just using the cold packs to help with some stiffness and soreness as the day goes on.
I am so pleased with the outcome given the amount of pain that I was in with both arms and shoulders. I did have some post surgery pain in the large muscles but I understand that to be a part of the general anesthesia side effect. It is subsiding daily. Please share with Dr Ty my appreciation I am referring a colleague of mine whom has been putting off C6/C7 ACDF the past year and was truly impressed with my recovery and result. I am actually getting quite a few productive hours in my office the past day or two. Amazing.

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Bridget F.

Scottsdale, AZ

I want to thank you for the care, consideration, your expert advice and medical help you and your qualified team have given me at BASIC Spine. Thank you Dr. Ty, you truly care for your patients and I am fortunate to be one you have helped.
You are a significantly, qualified physician due to your extensive educational back ground and your “hands on” everyday experience working with patients, like me, who need an expert like yourself.
You are exactly what I was searching for in a doctor. Your beliefs of helping patients with “minimally invasive procedures at affordable costs” show your honesty and ethics. Those are some the reasons I trusted you from the first time I contacted you. You helped me to decide on a more permanent solution for my back pain control with your “innovative stem cell prrocedures”. You took the time to honestly explain the procedure and gave me your estimate of realistic results.
After 2 spinal cord surgeries to remove a benign ependymoma and remove extra fluid build up, I needed help to treat various spine conditions and chronic nerve pain. In 2004, I went to Beijing, China to have an O.E.G. cell transplant into my spinal cord. That procedure did help some of my sensory and motor functions but not too much for the pain control. In 2006, I was hit by a door at a store that pushed me to the floor fracturing my right hip, femur and ribs. After that I just about “slid off of the cliff”.
Unfortunately I could not walk after that accident and was reinjured with more fractures, herniated discs, torn ligaments, musculoskeletal injuries of the shoulders, knees, hips etc. while attempting to do “get better” and do physical therapy.
I tried all of the traditional pain control treatments that did not offer any permanent effects. The nerve blocks, epidurals and trigger point injections offered temporary results. Pain medication is also temporary and did not help much with the type of pain I had. Also, I cannot tolerate most pain medications. The pain blocks and trigger point injections were the only procedures that gave me any help. I was getting a nerve block approximately every 4-6 weeks which were invasive and not permanent. I kept searching for another answer.
Luckily I read about you on the internet. You and your office staff were and are so accommodating to “fit me in” because I am from out of state. My background is complex but you really listened to me. You had the best suggestions for me using the state-of-the-art spinal and joint rejuvenation medicine program with stem cells on my spine.
The procedure was successful. It helped me in many ways. I was standing straighter and using my central core more almost immediately after the injection. I was doing physical therapy within a month. I had not walked outside to exercise for years, now I am walking with lots of friends now outside my home daily and I am still getting stronger.

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