Sciatica Pain In the rear or leg that is worse when sitting

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Pain in the Leg or Rear and Sciatica

If you’re experiencing pain in one buttock, and/or one leg that seems to worsen when sitting, the problem could be sciatica. This condition doesn’t typically resolve on its own– but usually responds well to conservative treatments like medication, physical therapy and chiropractic care. In rare cases, surgery may be required to treat the underlying cause of the sciatica pain.

Sciatica Pain Symptoms – Pain in the Rear or Leg that is Worse When Sitting

Sciatica usually manifests as pain in the lower back, but it can also appear in the legs or buttocks – usually just on one side and may patients complain of this pain worsening when they sit down. Treatments are available, so you don’t have to live in pain. If you’re experiencing symptoms of sciatica, see your doctor to talk about treatments that can alleviate them.

Is Pain in the Rear or Leg that is Worse When Sitting a Symptom of Sciatica?

Sciatica pain can be annoying at best, and in the worst case scenario, severe and even debilitating. Sometimes it goes away with minimal treatment, but just as often it can also get worse.

The most common symptom of sciatica is low back pain, but it can also manifest as pain in one leg or one buttock, becoming increasingly worse when sitting. Many patients say it feels something like burning, or a sensation of an electrical shock running down one leg. Sciatica typically affects only one side of your body. This type of discomfort can be attributed to problems other than sciatica, but if it’s accompanied by a feeling of relief when you walk or lie down and it’s aggravated when you’re sitting or standing, sciatica could very well be the culprit. Additional symptoms may include shooting pain in the leg, or numbness or weakness when moving your leg or your foot.

There are two nerve roots in our lumbar spine, and three in the sacral segment. Combined, these nerve bundles form the large sciatic nerve. They branch out in your leg to deliver feeling and movement to the limb. For this reason, sciatica can affect your thigh, and may also extend to your ankle or big toe. In addition to other symptoms, you might feel numbness on the top of your foot or in the webbing between your big toe and your second toe.

Any of these symptoms, or a combination of them, could indicate that you are suffering from sciatica. Keep in mind that leg pain can also be due to a problem in your hip, which could mimic sciatica.

None of these symptoms should be ignored, so if you are experiencing any of them, you should be sure to seek evaluation by a spine health professional who can confirm or rule out a diagnosis of sciatica.

At a Glance: Pain in The Rear or Leg that is Worse When Sitting as a Symptom of Sciatica

  • An lumbar MRI provides a multi-layered view of the spine in the low back and can reveal problems with nerves, bones, and other tissue
  • The lumbar spine (low back) can conceal a host of problems but the MRI can usually uncover them
  • Low back pain is sometimes related to nerve issues and an MRI provides the physician with a detailed view of the nerves.

Health Tips For Sciatica

  • Take care of your spine by exercising regularly
  • If you are diagnosed with sciatica, take any medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor
  • If your doctor refers you to a physical therapist or chiropractor, make sure you keep your appointments and follow their recommendations
  • Avoid additional strain on your back – exercise only as your spine health team recommends

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