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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in the Treatment of Sciatica Pain

The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in the body. It is 1” wide and made of multiple nerve fiber bundles. When the sciatic nerve is compressed by a damaged spinal vertebrae or disc, the pain radiates down the lower body and often causes other symptoms. This is called sciatica. Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical treatment option for patients wishing to attempt conservative and non-pharmaceutical treatment

Sciatica Pain Treatments – Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

The goal of spinal decompression as a sciatica pain treatment is to enlarge the spinal canal and to re-hydrate damaged spinal discs in an effort to make room for nerve roots and to ease sciatica pain. Treatment is usually performed over the course of 6-8 weeks by a skilled and highly trained chiropractic expert.

Is Spinal Decompression Therapy the Right Sciatica Pain Treatment for You?

The state-of-the-art, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy program at BASIC is designed for patients experiencing the painful effects of sciatica and other conditions and helps to relieve pain, tension and inflammation through a non-drug and non-surgical approach. In most cases, when it comes to sciatica pain or any other type of back pain condition, the best first approach relieving the pain and associated symptoms is through treatment with the least invasive options first.

Spinal Decompression therapy as a sciatica pain treatment is long-established as an alternative to spine surgery for people suffering the painful effects of this condition. While earlier versions of spinal decompression therapy were not as effective in relieving pain for some sciatica patients, today’s technologically advanced and computerized systems and tables have significantly improved upon their earlier versions. Spine health experts are seeing better outcomes for their patients as a result these new technologies and patients are experiencing big sciatica pain-relief potential from non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

Upon diagnosis or confirmation of sciatica as a cause of a patient’s pain and associated symptoms, our expert team of spine health experts including physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists will explain their recommended sciatica pain treatment options based on each patient’s individual circumstances and needs. If spinal decompression therapy as a sciatica treatment option is determined to be potentially effective, the patient will meet with the chiropractic and physical therapy team to determine the best number of sessions to include spinal manipulation, decompression and physical therapy.

During a spinal decompression session as a sciatica pain treatment, the patient will lay down facing up on the comfortable treatment table which includes a belt system that safely straps them in while the team locates the spine level to be treated. Once the specific calculations are determined, spinal decompression treatment begins, with the patient relaxed on the table while it slowly and gently stretches the vertebrae with force set to a comfortable level. Each spinal decompression session on the treatment table typically lasts approximately 30 minutes and once completed the patient is able to leave the table painlessly and with very little residual soreness.

To help our patients achieve maximum sciatica pain relief and symptom resolution benefit from spinal decompression therapy, the BASIC spine care team recommends a 6-8 week treatment regimen which includes multiple spinal decompression therapy table sessions as well as specific spinal manipulation, ultrasound and physical therapy for additional sciatica symptom relief as well as increased muscle strengthening.  Also, a specific course of vitamin supplementation may be prescribed along with recommendations for proper hydration during the sciatica pain treatment phase and beyond. These additional elements can help in ridding the body of toxins and in pulling in nutrients to help rehydrate damaged spinal discs. Healthy spinal discs help take pressure off of the sciatic nerve root which is the source of the pain.

At-a-Glance: Spinal Decompression Therapy as a Sciatica Pain Treatment

  • Non-surgical and non-medication sciatica pain treatment
  • Spinal decompression therapy involves gentle stretching and lengthening of vertebrae to increase spinal disc space and relive pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • Spinal decompression therapy is usually accompanied by physical therapy, specific spinal manipulation (chiropractic), vitamin supplementation and hydration recommendations
  • A typical course of spinal decompression as a sciatica pain treatment usually lasts 6-8 weeks

Health Tips For Spine

  • Exercise daily – it helps keep the protective spine muscles strong.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight – extra pounds can cause unnecessary pressure on the spine and surrounding tissue.
  • Don’t smoke – it seriously restricts nutrient rich blood flow to the spinal discs.
  • Move safely– improper lifting or repetitive motions can put the spine at risk for premature damage.

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