Sciatica Pain Stem Cell Therapy Injections

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Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

Our physicians and research partners at BASIC® have pioneered the Dr. Ty techniques for stem cell therapy using the regenerative powers of embryonic stem cells and amniotic tissue as a one potentially healing treatment for patients suffering the painful effects and associated symptoms of a condition called sciatica.

Stem Cell Therapy Injections as a Treatment for Sciatica Pain

As a sciatica pain treatment, the inSRT is a state-of-the-art epidural Stem Cell Therapy injection and spinal and joint rejuvenation medicine program. The primary function of inSRT is to provide extracellular tissue to protect wounds. These tissues provide a rich source of undifferentiated stem cells with unique anti-inflammatory properties that help in regenerating cells and relieving sciatica pain.

Are Stem Cell Therapy Injections the Right Sciatica Pain Treatment for You?

The inSRT Stem Cell Therapy injection method is best suited for individuals who have suffered from chronic sciatica pain, who have failed previous spinal treatments, or who suffer from weakness or other symptoms related to previous sciatica nerve or spinal cord damage. This biologic Stem Cell Therapy injection is comprised of embryonic and mesenchymal stem cells and cytokines derived from amniotic fluid, the placenta, and the umbilical cord directly after the birthing process.

This regenerative medicine and minimally invasive sciatica pain treatment procedure takes less than 45 minutes to complete and has the potential to significantly reduce sciatica pain while enhancing the patient’s quality of life. Procedures using similar types of stem cells have been performed on professional athletes and have produced positive and lasting results. The inSRT Stem Cell Injections can provide favorable results for those who have suffered from chronic sciatica pain as well as other degenerative spine conditions including arthritis, chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, facet joint disease, nerve pain, herniated discs, traumatic spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal injuries, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip injury and pain and torn ligaments.
The state-of-the-art, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy program at BASIC is designed for patients experiencing the painful effects of sciatica and other conditions and helps to relieve pain, tension and inflammation through a non-drug and non-surgical approach. In most cases, when it comes to sciatica pain or any other type of back pain condition, the best first approach relieving the pain and associated symptoms is through treatment with the least invasive options first.

Stem cell therapy injections as a sciatica pain treatment option are offered through BASIC’s Regenerative Medicine Program and Spinal Rejuvenation Treatments using our proprietary inSRT injections based on the Thaiyananthan technique, which are proprietary and performed by our expert and highly-trained neurosurgeons Dr. “Ty” Thaiyananthan and Dr. Bryan Oh.


Stem Cell Therapy Injections as a Treatment for Sciatica Pain

  • Procedure typically performed in an outpatient surgery center
  • Stem Cell Therapy uses Mesenchymal cells harvested from another body part like the hipbone or fat cells
  • Pain relief may take a few months as the healing process take effect
  • Stem Cell Therapy Injections are intended for those patients with mild disc injury causing sciatica pain

Health Tips For Stem Cell

  • This procedure should only be performed by a board-certified spinal  or neurosurgeon
  • Clarify any questions you may have about stem cell therapy injections  beforehand
  • Make sure to understand all instructions for care after the stem cell injection therapy procedure
  • Talk to your doctor about continuing through sciatica pain treatment with physical therapy or other conservative methods in addition to stem cell therapy

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