Understanding Sciatica Pain

Up to 40 percent of people in the United States will suffer from chronic sciatica pain symptoms at some point in their lives. For those affected, the pain can become so severe that it robs them of living an otherwise active and pain-free life.

Sciatica Pain Symptoms

Sciatica pain symptoms are the result of a spine condition that affects the sciatic nerve. This nerve extends from the lower (lumbar) part of the spine and branches off down the back of each leg. When the sciatic nerve becomes pinched or damaged, the result can be severe pain and other symptoms.

There are a number of sciatica pain symptoms that people suffering from a problem with the sciatic nerve may experience. These can include generalized lower back pain, leg numbness and tingling, sharp or burning pain that shoots down the leg, reduced range of motion in the spine due to pain, pain in the buttocks (usually affecting one side) that seems to get worse when sitting, difficulty with urination due to the location of the pain, weakness in the legs and feet, shooting pains that make it difficult to bend or stand up from a seated position and muscle spasms as a result of sciatic nerve damage or irritation.
One or a combination of these sciatica pain symptoms can indicate a problem with the sciatic nerve. But how badly the pain is felt can be different for each person. Some people feel constant, almost-crippling sciatica pain. Others have only occasional irritation. But no matter how severe the sciatica pain is, it can get worse if not properly treated by a trained spine specialist.

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Sciatica Pain Symptoms Health Tips

  • Exercise Regularly – this helps keep the spine muscles and ligaments healthy
  • Maintain a healthy body weight – obesity or extreme weight gain can make sciatica worse
  • Wear supportive footwear – high heels and other non-supportive shoes can put unnecessary stress on the sciatic nerve
  • Sleep right – make sure your mattress isn’t too soft as this can make sciatica pain symptoms worse

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