Properly Treating SI Joint Pain

In customizing an effective SI Joint Pain treatment plan, some patients respond well to more conservative therapies. For others, these treatments provide only temporary relief and more permanent surgical solutions must be explored to provide longer-term relief from SI Joint Pain.

Effective SI Joint Pain Treatment

For certain patients, SI Joint Pain treatments such as intermittent use of a pelvic belt, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulations, use of oral medications, provide adequate symptom relief. Sometimes the relief experienced by these SI Joint Pain treatments is only temporary. Once non-surgical treatment options have been attempted and do not provide relief, your surgeon may consider other options, including surgery.

SI Joint Pain Treatment Options

Once the diagnosis of an SI joint condition has been made, our goal at BASIC is to provide each patient with a customized SI Joint Pain treatment plan that first attempts pain relief through the use of the least-invasive and most effective options first.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Low-Back Pain SI Joint Belts

An SI joint belt may be used as a treatment for SI Joint Pain. SI joint belts are designed to stabilized and protect the affected SI joint from the abnormal movement which is causing pain.Patient Testimonial

SI Joint Medication

For some patients, treatment of SI Joint Pain with medication is enough to resolve the pain and is often a first step in combination with other non-invasive SI Joint Pain treatments. Depending on the cause of the pain, medications may include non-aspirin pain relievers or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen. For more severe inflammatory SI joint conditions, it may be necessary to treat the low-back pain with prescription drugs such as Corticosteroids, or cortisone-like drugs that are used to treat the inflammatory source of the SI Joint Pain.

SI Joint Physical Therapy

Physical therapy as a treatment for SI Joint Pain usually involves either active or passive activities. Passive SI joint physical therapy may involve massage or ice-heat applied by a physical therapist. Active SI joint physical therapy involves the patient taking part in stretching or exercise designed to treat the underlying cause of the SI Joint Pain.

SI Joint Chiropractic Adjustments

The goal of chiropractic SI Joint Pain treatment is to use specific body manipulations and adjustments as a means for conservatively treating SI Joint Pain. Chiropractic care may be prescribed by a physician to address either the improper movement caused by a damaged SI joint or to treat the strain being placed on surrounding SI joint muscles and ligaments.

SI Joint Radiofrequency Ablation

When more conservative SI Joint Pain treatment options fail to provide adequate relief, I joint radiofrequency ablation may be used. This is a minimally invasive injection procedure that delivers radiofrequency waves and heat to the inflamed or irritated nerve(s) surrounding an SI joint. The goal of SI joint radiofrequency ablation is to permanently disrupt the pain signals being sent to the brain by the affected nerves. When those pain signals can be interrupted or eliminated, pain relief can be achieved.

SI Joint Fusion Surgery

SI Joint Fusion Surgery is an SI Joint Pain treatment option for conditions including sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis which have not responded to conservative treatments. The goal of SI joint fusion surgery is to stabilize the damaged SI joint by surgically fusing the sacrum (the triangle-shaped bone in the lower spine) and the pelvic bone together. As with all surgical procedures and permanent implants, there are risks and considerations associated with SI joint fusion surgery. You should discuss these risks and considerations with your physician before deciding if this treatment option is right for you.

At BASIC, the goal of proper SI Joint Pain treatment is to get each patient back to living an active life free from SI Joint Pain. In considering which SI Joint Pain treatment option may right for you, an accurate diagnosis and candid conversation with an expert physician who specializes in these conditions is crucial to long-term relief.

Health Tips For SI Joint

  • Perform SI joint stretches – these help prevent injury and increase mobility
  • Maintain a healthy body weight – extra pounds can worsen SI joint pain
  • Quit smoking – it seriously restricts nutrient rich blood flow to the spinal discs and joints

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