Was Tiger Woods’ Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery a Failure?

Use Caution When Comparing “Most Patients’” Spine Surgery Results to those of Professional Athletes Reports have circulated recently that Tiger Woods’ back condition may have worsened following repeated microdiscectomy surgery. Specifically, Golf journalist Robert Lusetich noted that Woods “can’t move well” and has trouble sitting. Lusetich added that while microdiscectomies are successful over 90% of … Continue reading Was Tiger Woods’ Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery a Failure?

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Stentrode blog

There is new hope for people who are currently suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, intractable epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or paralysis secondary to a stroke.  Over the past decade, brain cortex stimulation via direct surgical implantation of electrodes has improved the lives of many individuals suffering from conditions listed above.  It has given these people an alternative … Continue reading Stentrode blog

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Von Miller

Von Miller of the Denver Broncos was just named MVP of Super Bowl L. He led the stifling Bronco defense to a dominating performance against NFL league MVP Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. His sack and forced fumble in the first quarter that led to Denver’s first touchdown set the tone for the game. With the game on the …

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