Patient Testimonials

Thoracic Pain

I just wanted to share with you that I’m having a remarkable recovery from the surgery. I have been off pain medication since this ...

Dan’s Tesimonial: Sciatica Relief

Our patient Dan suffers from Sciatica. He describes the stabbing leg pain that would cause his legs to go numb and how he is ...

Paul’s Testimonial: Ruptured Disc L5 S1 Numbess in Leg ALIF

This patient had a Ruptured Lumbar Disc that caused Sciatica symptoms, such as pain and left leg numbness. He became pain free after having an ...

Stephanie’s Testimonial: Sciatica Pain

Stephanie’s had pain in her right leg down to her ankle. She had an a lumbar disc removed and an interspinous spacer surgically placed and ...

Steven’s Testimonial: Sciatica Leg Pain

Sciatica Symptoms described as leg numbness, limping from leg pain

Michael’s Testimonial : Irvine Lower Spine Pain Relief Doctors – Back & SI Joint Pain

“I have no pain at all whatsoever for the first time in a long time”

Stacey’s Testimonial : ACDF : Neck Pain Doctors & Patients in Laguna Beach, Irvine and Mission Viejo

ACDF : Neck Pain Doctors & Patients in Laguna Beach, Irvine and Mission Viejo. Nerve Damage & Neck Pain Doctors & Patient Laguna Beach ...

Jeanie’s Testimonial: Neck and Shoulder Pain 2 Level ACDF Treatment

Before BASIC, I had pain from the base of my skull, all the way down my neck an into my Shoulders.

Lee Harris’ Testimonial: Recovery Experience And Overview with BASIC Newport Beach

Golfer Lee Harris relates how his injury affected not only golf but his every day activities until he met Dr.Oh at BASIC Spine. Harris’ ...

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